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A Closer Look into Canada's 100 Days

Time- Line of Canada's 100 Days
Canada's 100 Days
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Time- Line of Canada's 100 Days


August 9, 1918- known as "the black day for the German Army"
August 26 until September 2, 1918- Canadians went back to Arras and were given the task of crackling the Hindenburg Line, a series of massive barriers that were Germany's main line of defence.
September 2, 1918- reached and crossed the heavily- fortified line of the Canal Du Nord with the help of 15 British tanks. There was more than 11, 000 deaths.
October 10 until 12, 1918- Battalion found itself exploiting bridgeheads across the Canal de L'Escaut. In 42 hours of fighting there were casualties of 11 officers and 319 other ranks.
November 10, 1918- Canadian troops took part in the final battle of the war, chasing the last Germans out of Mons in Belgium.
November 11, 1918- French Field Marshal Foch and the members of the German Armistice Commission signed a formal surrender to end World War I. The eleventh day of the eleventh month on the eleventh hour.